Inspection service

Pre Production Inspection
What is a Pre Production Inspection ?
After identification and evaluation of vendor / factory, Pre Production Inspection is helpful before the beginning of the actual mass production .
The aim of the Pre Production Inspection is to make sure your vendor understands your requirements and the specifications of your order and is prepared for its production and check the materials status ready for production.

What do we check during a Pre Production Inspection?
Raw materials and key components of your order, relationship between the factory and the vendor, understanding of your demands by the factory, samples, costs, production schedule and processes, in-house quality control checks and key persons from the vendor and factory .

What is the benefit of the Pre Production Inspection?
The Pre Production Inspection will help you to setup the preliminary production test to match the golden sample. By this inspection, you will get a clear vision of the production schedule and get ahead of any possible problems that could affect the quality of your goods. Most of the time, the main reason for production issues and poor quality is not the factory’s lack of know-how but rather misunderstandings between you and the manufacturer, which often come from culture and language differences. The Pre Production Inspection will allow you to get past this communication gap and make sure both parties understand each other.

Why should I book this quality control service?
Any sourcing business has sometimes somehow misunderstanding between sellers and buyers with poor communication. In order to make sure the proudct really meets your specific requirement and assurre that the production will start efficiently with the right materials and the right processes , so as to avoid any further delay , pre-production inspection is useful which not only gives you peace of mind and but also is a great way to keep pressure on your vendors while showing your clients that you care.
Valuable concerns with Pre Production Inspection service
Is everything well prepared before the production starts?
Are my requirements and specifications (material, color, etc.)well understood?
Is everything ready before mass production?
We can help you implement corrective actions as soon as possible.
Is the factory well prepared to meet my expectations?
Avoid unexpected delays and costs."

During Production Inspection
What is the During Production Inspection ?
The During Production Inspection (DPI) will take place during production between 20% and 80% of the manufacturing process. We check packed and ready to go products.

What do we check during a During Production Inspection?
Product appearance (AQL), workmanship quality, size measurements, weight check, functionality assortment, accessories, labeling & logos, packaging, packing and other tests and special requirements that depends on the product and the export market. The During Production Inspection will also cover the raw materials, unfinished products and the planning of production.

What is the benefit of a During Production Inspection?
We will intervene in the middle of the production process to check if the quality of your products reaches your standards and make sure production is on schedule. We inspect the actual production volume to avoid any delays in your final shipment. Following a During Production Inspection , you can still modify the production protocol and still be on time with your order even if we find problems.

Valuable conerns wiht During Production Inspection service
Assure that the mass production quality is the same as the golden sample:
Implement the necessary corrective actions before having too many defects.
Be aware of the percentage of defects of finished products.
The exact statement of the production planning:
Avoid unnecessary costs and delays.


Why should I book this quality control service?
To check if the process is running smoothly, especially if no FAIL was performed during the beginning of production.

Pre-Shipment Inspection
What is the Pre-Shipment Inspection ?
The Pre Shipment Inspection (PSI), also called the Final Random Inspection (FRI) or Finished Quality Control, will take place when at least 80% of the products are ready and packed.
However, you can specify when booking online if you want 100% of your order to be ready for this inspection. The pre-shipment inspection will take place at the factory, or in some cases, it could even take place at the forwarder's premises or at the pier.

What do we check during a Pre-Shipment Inspection?
During the Pre-Shipment Inspection , we cover all possible on-site checks of your products: Product appearance (AQL), workmanship, safety and functionality, quantity, assortment, colors/ measurements/ weight, accessories, labeling & logos, packing & packaging, and any other special requirements you may have.

What is the benefit of a Pre-Shipment Inspection?
Help you to make the best decision. The Pre-Shipment Inspection is the last chance to stay on top of things. If the product quality doesn't meet your requierements, you can cease the shipping process and confront your vendor directly without getting any surprises when you have received the goods.

Valuable conerns with this quality control inspection service
Discover the types of defects, and what percent of products have defects.
See if product quality meet your expectations and order requirement.
Know whether the shipping marks, packing and labeling are correct.
Find out if the product is working correctly.

Why should I book this quality control service?
Because the Pre-Shipment Inspection is essential to check your products before the shipment! Your vendor or factory may not provide you with correct information about the quality of your goods.

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