Why do I need third-party inspection service ?

Sometimes, the quality of overseas production is not as good as expected, which may lead to customer rejection or product recalls. Thus it is essential to have someone oversee the production to avoid defective goods being shipped. You may travel on your own, but it is costly and time-consuming; you may consider asking the supplier to do the job, but usually the job is not professionally done or the supplier is too close to the factory to disclose the true and complete findings to you. In summary, third-party quality control could be the best solution for overseas production, in addition to establishing your own QC team. How does it work?

How to book a service ? What is the lead time ?

A. Register online or send us an E-mail to sales@tc-inspection.com with your contact information.

B. Fill in our booking form online  and send it 5 working days in advance prior to the service date. 

C. We provide client with a quotation and invoice 

D. Client provide confirmation and bank slip.

E. We send detailed report the next working day after inspection by E-mail.

F .Client study the report and decide accpet or reject shpiment

PS: Change or cancellation of service later than 10am of the day before the service date will b subject to certain fees. 

How long does it take to obtain the inspection results?

The inspection report would be realeased the next working date after inspection. If clients need rush service and get the report the same day , $30 surcharge is needed .

What information does your inspection report include?

Our reports are very detailed, illustrated with pictures and cover the following:

Product appearance (AQL), workmanship quality

Product specifications review: quantity, material, color, size, measurements, labeling & marking, packaging, packing, accessories, shipping marks etc.

On site testing and special checks.

Important remarks and professional feedback.

What happens if non-conforming goods are found when the shipment arrives?

It is extremely rare that non-conforming goods make it out of the factory in our performance history. In the vast majority of cases, the root cause turns out to be damage during shipping or shipments were approved after a failed inspection and the buyer trusts the factory (who was likely supposed to rework the goods) enough to ship without having performed a re-inspection or a defect sorting service. Therefore, you should study the product inspection report in detail and discuss results and future actions with your factory , we highly recommend you to book re-inspection or defect sorting service on a specific sampling size or on the full quantity after a failed inspection and to work with your shipping partners to insure the product against damage in transit. In the event that it is our inspectors’ mistake after investigation, we will make a refund of the inspection fee.

What is your service guarantee ? Why don’t you provide a warranty on behalf of the supplier?

As it is not economically viable for most clients to inspect every unit in the order, AQL tables determine the number of units to be inspected which will yield a statistically reliable sample size. In other words, if the inspection on the randomly selected lot goes well, then it is statistically unlikely that defects will be found in the rest of the order. For example, if there are 100 master cartons in an order and 50 units per master carton for 5000 units total. Our inspectors would open at random a select set of master cartons (the square root of the total number of cartons) and further select at random a set of individual units inside that master carton as per sampling size chosen by the client. However, if the supplier knew they had a few dozen defects and packaged the defects all together in one section of one master carton, then it would be statistically unlikely that our inspector would find this pocket of defects. For this reason, we not provide a warranty on behalf of the supplier. But we stress to our clients that they should have robust POs, warranty terms and payment terms with their suppliers that protects their interests. Negotiating such terms with the supplier is outside of the scope of our business. TC company is neither an insurer or a guarantor and disclaims all liability in such capacity. Client seeking a guarantee against loss or damage should obtain appropriate insurance.

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